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Black Friday Penny Auction Shopping Deals on Beezid.com

Penny Auction Specials - deals from all your favorite penny auctions!

Penny auction site Dibzees.com continues to offer special savings during this special shopping season as they have released another penny auction coupon for Cyber Monday. Using this penny auction coupon you will receive savings on bids purchased today only. The special coupon code will save you 50% on regular pricing for 100 bids. We assume that all registered members receive this savings as no code was offered in the mailing, so visit Dibzees and log in to your account to check for you Cyber Monday penny auction savings.


Dibzees.com is getting in on the Black Friday shopping action by offering their members a special promo code for discounted bids this Black Friday.  The Black Friday lineup at Dibzees includes great items like an iPad Air, Kindle Fire and iPod Touch! With this special Black Friday penny auction coupon you can get 100 bids at Dibzees for only $25!!

Here's the code to use - BLACKFRIDAY2013

Only valid once, expires at 11:59 pm 11/29/2013


dropbidzDropbidz.com is a new revolutionary reverse penny auction Site which offers a variety of items all starting at 50% off and decreasing by one penny per bid.  We offer high-priced electronics, gift cards, sporting equipment, and various other items.  

The best part is that if a user does not see an item they wish to win via one of our auctions, the user has the ability to send a message to us and we will try our best to get the desired item on the Website within two weeks.  Another great feature of our Site is that discounted bid packages are constantly available and prices start at just $0.08/bid.  If you would like guaranteed saving of at least 50-75% every time with limited risk of loss (If auction expires with no winner, all bids are refunded to each bidder) then please visit dropbidz.com and join today!


PennyAuctionSpecials just received notice about a new penny auction site with a great special offer!


Here's what the new Puppibids.com had to say:


We would like to introduce you to our new site – www.Puppids.com! We are a new penny auction website that is offering an AMAZING DEAL - UNLIMITED BIDS until our official launch date. You simply need to purchase a bid pack (which will be stored in your account for the launch) and you use FREE, CONTINUOUS AND UNLIMITED BIDS, PAYING ONLY THE AUCTION PRICE until we officially launch our site. Simply use coupon code UNL2013 and you will receive 10,000 bids (which will be renewed if you happen to use all of them). Currently, the plan is to launch in the early part of March, and under no circumstances will the launch be prior to March 1, 2013.

During this testing period it is our goal to ensure that our site works properly and that we address the issues that matter to our customers and the user community. Please, in return for the free bid promotion, tell us about any glitches you see on the site and feel free to offer suggestions for either items or site improvements - no matter how small or insignificant it may seem! Visit www.puppids.com for the full terms and conditions to register and start winning.

UNLIMITED BIDS until we officially launch!



paradiseNew penny auction site BiddersParadise.com is joining the Cyber Monday shopping fun with a special penny auction sale. We just received an email from BiddersParadise indicating that they will be having special items offered at auction all day Cyber Monday. BiddersParadise.com is also adding 10% more bids to their bidpacks free with your purchase today. The email from BiddersParadise indicates that a special item will be offered some time today, so stop by and have a look at BiddersParadise.com

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